Riphah Institute of Systems Engineering (RISE)

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RISE is a special initiative by Riphah International University to impart quality in education, professional trainings & consultancy in the field of Information Security. With a unique construct this institute out shines all the other educational institutes as it is the first institute that has academia, R&D, training & consulting specializing in information security technology solutions and dedicated to providing Information security professionals & delivering cost affective services that span Information Security Management for all industries.

To create a center of excellence for Information Security. Facilitate the market with the best talent in information security and positively contribute to the academic, public and private sectors. Ingrain the spirit of national competitiveness and be a catalyst for change in the field of Information Security.


Altering the Future of Information Security

RISE Academia: RISE is an institute that has Academia on its one hand and Commercial on the other, with Research & Development as its core. The focus of RISE is to eradicate Information Insecurity and make a palpable mark in the world of information.

Academically RISE offers specialist degrees in Information Security. The programs are aimed at equipping professionals with relevant knowledge leading them to safeguard national information infrastructure from all sorts of possible breaches. This inevitably allows professionals to play an integral part towards making the cyberspace safe & secure. RISE training is based on penetration, gap analysis, network analysis and digital analysis.

In order to ensure prompt implementation of these objectives, renowned faculty members are hired. Another highlight permanent faculty member’ comprise of PhD’s from Australia, U.K and Japan. The faculty now has a growing research culture, which is evident from the increased number of publications every year.

The programs offered include:

• Masters/PhD(Information Security)


Belief in Enabling the Present to Protect

RISE Amenities: RISE has stimulated its knowledge and resources towards offering Information Security services as well as solutions inclusive of trainings [certifications & seminars] to the commercial sector. Industrial Liaison is a key component in integrating academia and industry. This initiative will enhance the quality of education simultaneously leading to feasible solutions.

Our clientele comprises of individuals from varied enterprises as well as institutes: Ministry of Defence, Pakistan, GHQ, AWC (Air Weapon Complex), NDC, NESCOM, Islamabad Police, Warid Telecom, Wateen, MCB, HEC (PERN network), Suparco, LUMS, NLC and GulfCap Investments U.A.E.

Our Professional Development Center (PDC) now RISE aims towards nurturing professionals (in addition to students and teachers) pertaining to the field of Information Technology. PDC at RIU is the first academic and professional training partner of EC-Council (a prominent international certification body - to impart training in the field of Information Security based in Pakistan) An interesting fact that EC-Council is presently situated in 80 countries and has trained 60,000 people so far.We being the first ATP(Academic Training Partner) of EC-Council at Pakistan.


Creating Knowledge beyond Chronology

RISE Research: The objective of research initiatives is to educate future leaders which will enable them to unveil knowledge and generate fresh ideas. Our research groups work in liaison with varied international research consortiums. The 3 key areas of Research consist of:

•  Secure and Dependable Systems Research Group: The research areas are: software engineering, information security and communication systems.

•  Intelligent Information Processing Research Group: Active areas of research within this group are information security including applications of text, numeric and image watermarking for authentication, copy right protection and content secrecy. Data mining employed for intelligent decision-making and expert systems is another feature of this group.

•  Empirical Software Engineering Research Group: The focus of empirical software engineering group is mainly on the applied software engineering research. Aiming to inspire the global research efforts on evidence-based software engineering in order to investigate and then familiarize technologies in the software development practice.